Email Consultations

Attention: All asynchronous (email) consultations will no longer occur through this inbox. You can make an asynchronous consultation on our new appointment system,, by going to the “Asynchronous Writing Consultations” calendar and making an asynchronous submission there. DO NOT send any emails to the inbox; you will not receive feedback there.

If you need feedback on a more urgent timeline, please visit our Appointments page.

Focused Feedback

Note: Email Consultations are for UCI undergraduate students ONLY. We do not currently offer asynchronous feedback for graduate students.

We will offer feedback and guide you through the writing process, but we will not “edit” or “revise” essays.

The amount of feedback is based on the volume of requests. As a result, feedback is generally less comprehensive than what you’d get at an in-person appointment.

Specialists typically respond between 2-3 business days, depending on demand.

Please also be aware of limitations on feedback due to the medium & request volume (see below).

To Get Feedback, Please Email Your Paper and Info

Include the following in your email to us:

Email the things listed above to

Request Specifications

Limit on Repeat Submissions

Students can request feedback on 1 paper per email and can send 2 emails per week.

For multiple submissions of the same assignment, we expect substantial revisions between submissions and may ask you to revise further before re-submitting.

Repeated requests for grammar feedback on the same assignment may be denied. However, if you have further questions about the general grammatical concepts raised in our feedback, feel free to ask.