Resources for Students

Here is a list of resources to help you with your writing needs, compiled by the Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication.

Writing Center Materials

  • Writing Tutorial Referral Form: Bring this form to the Center if you want to give your instructor a report on what was covered during the consultation.

Writing Tips

Working with References

Comprehensive Writing Guides

  • Purdue OWL: A resource for any grammar topic as well as a guide to editing, subject-specific writing and correct use of citations.
  • University of Wisconsin Writer’s Handbook: A student writer’s handbook with tips on everything from style to essay development to grammar and punctuation.
  • Capital Community College Guide to Grammar & Writing: Thorough grammatical advice from the level of words to paragraphs, and advice on essay style, structure, and drafting as well.
  • Links for Writers: A collection of web-based resources for a variety of topics, including business writing, citation guides, grammar guides, and resumes and cover letters.

General Grammar References

  • Grammar: A website covering English composition and grammar from parts of speech all the way up to essay structure, maintained by Dr. Richard Nordquist, an experienced composition instructor and writing center director.
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center Handouts: UNC Chapel Hill’s website has a variety of helpful handouts and presentations on grammar and essay development.
  • University of Minnesota Online Grammar Handbook: A comprehensive and organized set of web links to grammar and editing tips for nearly every writing issue you could think of, from basic mechanics to writing conventions in different disciplines.
  • Site based on the 10th edition of the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Strauss. Includes specific grammar and punctuation rules with examples, as well as suggestions for more effective writing.
  • Grammar Bytes: A site with grammar rules, exercises, and presentations, delivered in a fun and irreverent manner.

Editing and Style Guides

Special Dictionaries

Question and Answer

  • Grammar Girl: An irreverent take on grammar questions, filled with humorous examples and audio clips.
  • Dave’s ESL Cafe: A long-running website with grammar tips and forums for students who are English language learners, run by Dave Sperling.

Campus Resources

  • UCI Campus Resources: A referral guide to academic, counseling, and other student resources across the UCI campus.