Peer Tutor Guidelines

Tutors WILL do the following Tutors will NOT do the following
• Create and encourage dialogue • Monopolize conversation
• Ask open-ended questions • Ask limited or ineffective questions
• Help students identify and evaluate resources • Do students’ research or evaluate sources for them
• Address ideas first, organization second, and sentence-level concerns last • Write on student papers or type information into students’ computer files
• Suggest ways to improve the students’ writing, editing and proofreading skills • Fix students’ errors in grammar or punctuation for them
• Encourage students to take advantage of faculty and TA office hours, “Ask a Librarian,” LARC, and other campus resources • Lead students to believe that the tutors are the only resource students have to work on writing and research skills
• Comment on clarity and logic of textual analysis • Offer opinions on students’ interpretations of the text
• Encourage students to take authority in their own writing • Agree with students who say they will never be able to write well
• Respect students’ privacy at all times • Discuss the students or their concerns in public
• Challenge students to think for themselves • Offer an opinion about the grade, even when asked
• Build students’ confidence to actively participate in their own education • Allow students to become dependent on them