Peer Tutor Bios

Ellie Andrews

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Andrews, but I go by Ellie. I am a second-year Bio major so most of the time my brain is focused on science, but I also love to write. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always written stories and loved reading them just as much as I did writing them. I believe writing is an extremely important skill to all areas of life and hope to convey this throughout the year. Can’t wait to get started!

Aaron Barlin

Hi, everyone! I’m Aaron Barlin, a third-year student majoring in English and Education. Although I’m passionate about reading, writing, and education, in my free time, I’m often playing video games or napping. As you could maybe guess by my majors, I am studying to become a high school English teacher. Being an English teacher would give me the chance to lead students toward more developed writing, allowing them to realize the deep potential that comes with effectively demonstrating their own, unique voice. But tapping into that potential—becoming a great writer—is an arduous and never-ending journey: nevertheless, I’m excited to do whatever I can to help you along!

Jessie Bullard

Hi! My name is Jessie Bullard and I am an English major with an emphasis in creative writing (poetry) here at UCI. I spent three years at Fullerton College, where I served as an editor for the literary journal and was named the English Scholar my final year, before transferring to UCI. I am currently finishing my second and final year at UCI and am part of the Humanities Honors Program, in which I will produce a poetry collection as my senior thesis prior to graduation. In my spare time, I enjoy reading fiction, writing poetry and songs, and playing my guitar. I love cats, yoga, discovering new cafes, and travel. I absolutely look forward to meeting you and working with you on strengthening your writing process!

Javier Burdette

Greetings, tutees! My name is Javier Burdette. Please feel free to call me Javi. I am a third-year double-majoring in English and Philosophy with a passion for the the philosophy of the Greeks, especially that of Plato. I plan on attending law school post-graduation. Because I spend so much of my time reading, writing, and editing, I try to get far, far away from any form of text in my free time. I am an avid weightlifter, runner, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, so you will probably be able to find me at the ARC most evenings. I look forward to meeting with you, engaging texts with you, and, ultimately, developing a relationship with you that allows me to grow as a tutor, and you to grow as a writer. Here’s to the year ahead!

Sam Chen

Hello, everyone! My name is Ziwen (Sam) Chen, a fourth year international student from Mainland China. I am double majoring in Business Administration and Quantitative Economics, hoping to add a minor in Statistics. When not occupied by work and school, I enjoy reading world history, especially Greek and Roman history. I also like to write fiction and fairy tales. Writing is an important skill of recording your ideas and an excellent way to express your creativity, so keeping improving as an effective writer is always helpful. Don’t be hesitant to come to Writing Center when you have any concerns in writing; feel free to ask us questions, and we are here for you. I am so excited to work as a peer tutor in this academic year that I cannot wait to meet you all! See you soon!

Michelle Chung

Hello! My name is Michelle Chung, and I am a third-year Political Science major. I aspire to work in the field of international development upon completion of my studies. One of my greatest passions is to help others and serve my community, which is precisely why I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with you in developing your writing. An avid reader and writer, I feel that writing is an extremely valuable skill that will aid you no matter what path you choose to pursue in life. That being said, I look forward to assisting you this year!

Candice Johnston

Hello! I’m Candice, a second year English and History major. I love talking about politics and studying women’s history, but in my free time, I like to go on hikes— or play videogames. My heroes are Alice Paul and Nellie Bly, and one day, I hope to combine my interests in politics and writing to become a journalist. It’s my dream to work as a reporter in Germany.

Writing has always been one of my greatest passions, and it led me where I am today. I think writing is an essential to working in any field, because it’s the most effective way to share knowledge. I look forward to working with you on your writing!

Aditya Koppula

Hey everyone! I’m Aditya Koppula, a third-year Computer Science major. I enjoy reading, especially dystopian fiction, when I’m not working or playing video games. In addition to non-fiction writing, I’ve made a few forays into writing fiction as well, and I hope to use the experience I’ve accrued to help you become a better writer! I look forward to seeing you at the Writing Center!

Jenny Le

Hello! My name is Jenny Le and I’m currently a third-year English major who was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve been invested in reading and writing ever since I was young and even today I’m still amazed at the emotions and images that language can incite in others. I hope that as a writing tutor, I can also help others become more open to expressing themselves through writing, which I know isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. Outside of what I do in school, I spend my free time going outdoors, drawing, watching horror movies, listening to various types of music, and drinking tea. I also love getting to know all sorts of people and their backgrounds, experiences, and stories. That said, here’s to a good upcoming year!

Lucy Liang

Hello everyone! My name is Lucy Liang, and I am a second year Computer Science major. When I am not immersed in a coding project, my favorite hobbies include rock climbing and hiking. Writing is an essential skill that allows you to express your opinion and influence the people around you. I hope that I can help you find your voice through writing and unlock your true potential as a writer. I look forward to working with you this year!

Melisa Lu

Hi, everyone! My name is Melisa Lu. I’m currently a fifth year, triple majoring in Psychology & Social Behavior, Education Sciences, and English. Ever since I was a little kid embarking on my first Pokémon journey, I’ve loved the art of storytelling. I believe we create stories everyday just by being alive, and that we listen to them all the time – in films, pictures, novels, music – across various cultures, from many different kinds of individuals. Writing is often seen as difficult, but if you just think of it as a means for communicating a message, then we do it all the time! Even something as simple as a text conveys something you want to (or don’t want to) say, right? There’re just different forms to it, and everyone has their own unique “voice” to show off. For me, writing is a wonderful way of opening up your world and exploring new ones!

During my chill time, I enjoy playing video games, analyzing anime/manga, reading and writing fanfiction, editing music videos, and otherwise indulging in existentialist musings. My goal is to become an amazing high school teacher, one that can inspire others to love stories and writing just as much. “Sunlight” is my favorite word, because it’s warm and bright~

I hope to see you soon! :’D

Lara Mirzakhanian

Hello! My name is Lara Mirzakhanian and I am a Cognitive Science major, hoping to add a minor in Statistics. While I’m not required to do a ton of writing for my major, I know that writing well is a skill that can help you in so many areas of your life. I love how we can use writing to tell elaborate stories, make critical arguments that make people think, and ultimately change the world. I hope I can help you feel passionate about whatever topic you’re writing about so you can enjoy the process from beginning to end. While writing can be an intimidating process, especially at the start, I know that we can collaborate to make your work both enjoyable and effective.

Tatiana Overly

Hello! My name is Tatiana Overly and I am a fourth year Political Science major with a minor in Gender and Sexuality. I serve as Deputy Elections Commissioner of ASUCI, and am a member of Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society as well as Pi Alpha Sigma Honor Society. This year I will be completing an honors thesis within the Political Science department, which gives me the opportunity to feed my passion for research!

I enjoy reading everything from graphic novels to political autobiographies. I like to try out new food spots, hang out with my cat, and travel with my husband as much as possible. I love participating in meaningful and informative conversation, where ideas are communicated clearly and logically. This practice is what inspires my academic writing style, and I hope it will help inspire yours as well.

This is my last year at UC Irvine, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than by helping other students find their own voice and perfect their individual writing styles. I look forward to meeting you!

Chase Robinson

Hello, everyone! My name is Chase Robinson and I am a third year History major with an Emphasis in Future Teaching. When I am not analyzing fallen civilizations or bloody battles, you can find me perusing a good read or frolicking through my “happy place,” Disneyland.

My writing experiences include everything from scribbling cursive letters in elementary school to writing for Cappies (a theater critic program), through which I was published in the Orange County Register ten times over the course of three years.

I ultimately believe that writing is a vehicle for creative expression, and my goal this year is to help you articulate yourself on paper so you better interact with the world around you. With that said, I look forward to working with you and helping you craft your own personal narratives (no matter if they are essays, lab reports, or research papers) over this academic year! Best of luck and zot on!!

Esemel Valles

My name is Esemel Valles. I am a third-year Environmental Science student and I absolutely love reading and writing. I am a part of UCI’s spoken word poetry club, Uncultivated Rabbits, and UCI’s Harry Potter club, Dumbledore’s Anteaters. This is my first year working at the Writing Center, but I have been helping the people around me with their writing for years, and I look forward to helping the students who come into the Writing Center with whatever writing needs you guys have!

Samantha Wilson

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Wilson, and I am a fourth year majoring in both English and Education, and hoping to add a minor in Comparative Literature. When not immersed in school or work, you can probably find me curled up in a corner reading a good book or catching up on my favorite TV shows with some caffeine at my side. Writing is an excellent way to express your knowledge, creativity and individuality, even within a school setting, so never give up on improving as a writer! I am so excited to be working as a writing tutor this year and to be helping you improve upon your writing skills. Don’t be scared to ask about any concerns you have when it comes to writing; we are here to help you. I look forward to meeting you!

Caytlin Yoshioka

Hiya! My name is Caytlin Yoshioka. I’m a fourth-year majoring in History and Political Science, but before joining such writing-intensive majors I was actually a Studio Art major! I spent at least 15 years of my life aspiring to be a cartoonist, like the other cartoonists in my family, before I realized that writing was a more effective creative outlet for me–to the disappointment of my cartoonist relatives. That’s not to say I’ve abandoned the other forms of art. I spend my free time building furniture, drawing comics, and trying out new recipes. I’m excited to work with you through the writing process!

Samantha Yu

My name is Samantha Yu, but I prefer to be called Sam! I am from Walnut, California and received an IB diploma at Walnut High School. I am an art major and digital filmmaking minor here at UCI. My absolute favorite places to be are Disneyland or on the road during the nighttime. My favorite TV shows include Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, and Grey’s Anatomy. My favorite hobby is playing video games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, OSU, Kingdom Hearts, and more. I am pursuing a career in 3D animation and I am especially interested in a job prospect at Blizzard Entertainment or Disney. I am currently an instructor for a 3D academy in my hometown, Walnut, San Gabriel, and Irvine. I look forward to meeting you all!