In addition to the services that we provide to the campus, our office promotes effective writing and communication as lifelong skills through involvement in the campus community and scholarship. Below are some of our partnerships, presentations, and publications with descriptions linked.

Current Campus Partnerships



Committees & Other Service


Current Campus Partnerships

Academic English program
Embedded tutoring and learning cohorts each quarter

Academic Integrity
On-Cite drop-in assistance on citation and formatting

African American Studies
Awards Ceremony host for the annual Black Lives Matter Writing Contest

Priority access for Student-Athlete consultations

College Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP)
Workshops for research writing throughout the year and during Summer Science Academy

Composition program
Embedded tutoring and weekly 39-series workshops each quarter

Counseling Center
Co-host (with the International Center) for International Coffee Hour every Friday 11am-12:30pm (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters only)

Co-host for Arts of Communication bootcamp (a three-day, project-based, intensive workshop for undergraduates interested in using advanced communication skills outside an academic context); collaborator (with Phi Beta Kappa) on poetry workshops, marketing, and programming for PBK’s Visiting Scholar Program

International Center
Co-host (with the Counseling Center) for International Coffee Hour every Friday 11am-12:30pm (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters only), International Students Transitioning to Educational and Personal Success program instruction and workshops

Main tutoring location in Science Library 190, satellite tutoring location at Langson Library room 229 on evenings and Sundays (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters only)

Office of the Chancellor & Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion
Great Debates workshops

Scholarship Opportunities Program
Personalized advising for candidates applying for prestigious merit scholarships

Student Housing
Satellite tutoring locations at Mesa Court and Middle Earth on evenings (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters only)

Student Success Initiatives
Learning cohorts and workshops for various student populations

Summer Session
Bridges to Success Writing Lab instruction and Collegiate Life Planning workshops

Upper-Division Writing courses
Embedded tutoring and workshops by request


American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference
2018. [With Lee, S.] Understanding Adaptive Transfer from EAP to FYW Courses: a Longitudinal Study of Students’ Writing Center Use. Chicago, IL.

CATESOL Conference
2017. [With Lee, S.] Divergences between ESL Students’ and Instructors’ Priorities for Writing Development. Irvine, CA.
2017. One Hundred Percent Plagiarism-Free. Santa Clara, CA.
2017. Making Word Work to Support Writing Consultations. Walnut, CA.
2016. Applied Improvisation for Peer Feedback? Yes, and It Empowers Students. Walnut, CA.

Conference on College Composition and Communication
2019. Addressing Writing Bottlenecks Together: Communicating Discipline-Specific Thresholds. Pittsburgh, PA.

Conference on Language Teacher Education
2016. Cross-Campus Professional Learning Communities: A Framework for Mutual Support. Los Angeles, CA.

International Center for Academic Integrity Annual Conference
2019. [With Bailey, J. & Peters, M.] Copy/Paste, Remix, & … Reference? New Orleans, LA.
2018. One Hundred Percent Plagiarism Free! Richmond, VA.

International Writing Centers Association Annual Conference
2018. [With Liu-Rojas, S., Christian, W., & Thomas, J.] Inclusion: Welcoming, Connecting with, and Meeting the Needs of Multilingual Writers. Atlanta, GA.

National Association of Fellowships Advisors Conference
2019. Writing Support: A Model for Scholarship Office & Writing Center Collaboration. Minneapolis, MN.

National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing
2017. Memoirs by Nobody Important: Imposter Syndrome and Our Staff. Hempstead, NY.

Reinvention Collaborative 20/20 National Conference
2018. A Model for Collaboration: Writing Centers and Scholarship Advising Offices. Arlington, VA.

Southern California Writing Centers Association Conference
2018. Applied Improvisation and Dramaturgical Approaches for Tutor Training. Thousand Oaks, CA.

South Central Writing Centers Association Annual Conference
2018. The Art of Mindful Tutoring: Creative Tactics to Encourage Emboldened Writing. Conway, AR.

University of California Writing Conference
2017. [With Lee, S.] How Do Multilingual Students Define ‘Good Writing’?: An Exploration of Multilingual Students’ Writing Center Consultations. Irvine, CA.
2016. Addressing Writing Program Misperceptions. Santa Barbara, CA.


2018. Emotional and Creative Intelligence: Tutoring through “Rests, Riffs, and Raptures”.

Reinvention Collaborative 20/20
2018. A Model for Collaboration: Writing Centers and Scholarship Advising Offices.

The CATESOL Journal
2015. [With Holten, C., Picciotto, M., & Ruble, K.] International Students at the University of California: The Impact on Writing Center Practice.

The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning
2019. Honoring Impulse, Attending to Gesture.

WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship
2018. [With Catchings, L.] Consultation Length and Higher Order Concerns: A RAD Study.

Committees & Other Service

2017 Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group Chair

International Writing Centers Association
2017 Best Book/Major Work Award Committee

New Forum: UCI’s Undergraduate Literary Journal
2018-present Curatorial Advisor

Southern California Writing Centers Association
2014 & 2019 annual conference host; 2016-present board members, scholarship and review committees

UCI & Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
2018, 2019 UCI First Generation Staff Association Professional Development Subcommittee
2018 Campus Advisory Council on International Student Pedagogy, 2019 OVPTL Internship Program Advisory Board
2017 OVPTL Strategic Plan Subcommittee: “Students as Trailblazers/Risk Takers.”

Interested in collaborating with us? Contact Evin Groundwater.