Descriptions and flyers for events can be found below the calendar.

Descriptions and Flyers

39C Workshops
Thursdays, 4:00 to 5:00 pm (DBH 1429)


    Writing Studio is a weekly series of drop-in, 50-minute workshops that provide 39C students with extra assistance on 39C topics, writing practices, and essays. They are voluntary opportunities for students to strengthen their understanding of class material and prompts. Each week provides a different topic:

    • Week 1: Reading to Write: Core Texts and Prompts
    • Week 2: Portfolio Preparation: Planning for the Quarter/ Intro to HCP
    • Week 3: HCP – Prompt, Process and Organization
    • Week 4: Evaluating and Using Sources/ Multimodality
    • Week 5: Moving Away from 5 Paragraph Essays/Strengthening Transitions
    • Week 6: AP – What is Advocacy? Prompt, Process, and Organization
    • Week 7: Considering Counterarguments/ Using Sources that Agree with You
    • Week 8: Audience Assumptions and Avoiding Bias
    • Week 9: Proof Reading Strategies/What are “Flow” and “Clarity”?
    • Week 10: Composing “Polished” Writing/ Reflective Writing

Writing an Effective Personal Statement for Graduate School
Friday, 1:00 to 2:00 pm (Career Center Training Room)

    Learn what factors into a great personal statement.

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