Zoom Appointments for UCI Undergraduates

HumCore students may also book a HumCore appointment here.
Student athletes may also book an appointment here.

At the Center, our mission is your improvement as a writer, not simply the improvement of your paper.

We offer feedback and guide you through choices in the writing process, rather than making your decisions and editing a paper for you. (Click here for more information about our consultation practices.)

Appointment policies

  • Appointments are available for currently enrolled UCI undergraduates only and are made with professional, full-time Writing Specialists.
  • Appointments are limited to 2 appointments per week per student and 1 appointment per day due to high demand and to ensure adequate revision between appointments. This includes Zoom and email consultations.
  • Appointments are forfeited if you are 15 minutes late. However, you may still use drop-in tutoring.
  • You must cancel if you cannot attend an appointment or risk losing appointment privileges.
  • If you fail to show up for an appointment without advance notification, you will lose appointment privileges for seven days.
  • If you are requesting feedback on a take-home essay exam, you must provide written permission (e.g., syllabus or instructor note) allowing you to use the Writing Center.
  • Graduate students may make appointments at the Graduate Postdoctoral Scholar Resource Center.
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