UC Irvine Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication
Physical Location: 193 Science Library
Phone: (949)-436-8060
Email (general inquiries & scheduling only): writing-center@uci.edu

Mission Statement: The Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication (or “Writing Center” for short) promotes effective writing and communication as lifelong skills. Not only are these skills necessary for personal and professional success, they are also powerful ways in which people think through issues, consider multiple points of view and become more consciously aware of the world around them.

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Student Learning Outcomes

After a consultation through the Writing Center, students should be able to do the following:

  • Identify the rhetorical situation evoked in an assignment prompt. Students need to understand what they are being asked to compose, and to whom, before they can effectively communicate. After a consultation, they should be able to identify both the genre and audience called for in a specific prompt, and should be more aware of differences amongst genres and audiences.
  • Develop self-guided revision strategies. Revision is more than just correcting mistakes. Most successful writers use it to take a closer look at what they really want to say. After a consultation, students should be able to articulate and execute a plan of action for revision or development of specific writing projects.
  • Build flexible writing processes, strategies, and habits. Over time, and with practice and experience, students should be able to transfer strategies and habits for generating, developing, and revising writing from one context to another, even as they recognize that different writing and communicating challenges might require different strategies and ways of thinking. After a consultation, they will be prompted to reflect on what they have learned about their own writing processes, strategies, and habits.